Expert Assessments

Rest easy with Frontier's expert assessments.

Wireless Network Assessment

Is your wireless network secure? Find out exactly where your vulnerabilities and risks are, and we'll tell you how to eliminate them.

Security Assessments

Frontier's penetration testing and web app vulnerability assessments could save you an average* of $3.7 million in cyber liability. (*According to a study of 137 events).

Network and Endpoint Threat Assessments

Find out where you're vulnerable with 5-7 days of data collection and advanced network risk, attacks, and malware reports.

Social Engineering

Let us try to phish secure info by phone and email so we can train your employees not to fall for it. Trust your team, with Frontier Technologies.

Infrastructure Assessments

Infrastructure and Voice & Video readiness assessments to keep things running smoothly.

Virtualization Assessments

Stay ahead of the game with a virtual health check and planning & design framework.