How we built an award-winning culture

The Making of Frontier Technologies' Award-Winning Corporate Culture

How we unified our team and leadership behind a corporate culture that wins awards, rewards innovation, and does good for the community.

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Reshma Moorthy, President of Frontier Technologies, is the driving force behind our innovative culture, constantly expanding employee health and flexible work programs; a culture which has recently won a Corporate Culture Award.

Innovation is at the center of her leadership – and she is a huge part of how a nearly 30-year-old company has thrived through numerous technological revolutions in the IT industry. She demands the best from her team, gives them the freedom to take risks and try new ideas, and facilitates passionate collaboration by uniting team members around the company’s vision and mission.

She doesn’t just expect it from her team, though. She also gives everything she does 100%, leads by example, and empowers her team, giving them the autonomy and resources they need to explore their passions and achieve results. Her belief is that a good leader creates good followers, but a great leader creates more leaders.

So yes, team members at Frontier are encouraged to use the gym whenever they want as part of the anytime gym policy, flexible and remote work opportunities are given to everyone, and extensive travel, paid time off, and other competitive benefits help sweeten the deal.

But Moorthy believes the real culture comes from the way she has led the team to erode the hierarchical, bureaucratic nature that so many corporations have, and involved every teammate in building an environment where everyone feels comfortable contributing, giving feedback, and trying new things.

She has accomplished this by valuing her employees enough to give their opinions true weight in her decision-making process, being extremely transparent, and empowering them to make their own decisions as well.

“From your first day, they make you feel like you’re a part of the family,” says Kadreana Mack, Frontier’s Office Manager. “I feel like I can truly be open with them about my opinions, and they involve every team member in high-level strategy sessions – they practically beg for our honest feedback.”

“When you add that to the fact that I work from home nearly every day, I can actually fit gym into my schedule so that I’m not trying to go when I’m exhausted after a day of work, and the incredible places I’ve gotten to travel, the culture here is hard to beat,” says Adam Breese, Marketing Manager at Frontier. “But more than anything, it’s the members of the team itself, and our leadership, that truly inspire me and motivate me every day. You truly belong at Frontier when you work here, and you know it.”

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