Cloud solutions

The cloud that's built to perform

Quality, everywhere.

All our data centers are equipped with top quality, ultra performing rigs that are built and operated consistently around the world. Ask Frontier about your compliance requirements, and get the exact capabilities anywhere.

Speed. Resiliency. Seamless.

Networking without the awkward sweaty handshakes. We're talking public, private, internal management networks with low networking costs and speeds up to 2TBps location to location, and less than 40ms latency into private network.

API for a single platform

One proprietary API based platform to manage all our data centers and control all your needs: from bare metal to virtual servers, storage, etc. You can add or remove servers with the click of a button.

Cloud is here to stay. Which do you choose?

Schedule a call with a cloud expert to calculate your ROI, compare SoftLayer to AWS, Azure, and other competitors, and try out your FREE cloud today.