Comprehensive cybersecurity for building systems

Bridge the gap – where 60% of breaches begin – between traditional IT and facilities/building systems IoT cybersecurity.

60% of breaches

Research from Harvard Business Review and Microsoft found that 60% of successful cyber breaches come through building systems like VoIP, surveillance recording cameras, business machines, HVAC, or even elevators and other IoT.


Building systems technologies vary so much that NIST was unable to create a standard, but identified 49 ways they fall short for interoperability, and 55 manual configurations. That’s a complex, labor-intensive problem to secure.

CIO & CISO Best Practices

Today, IT and cybersecurity leaders are putting building systems on subnets or separate networks, using IT security questionnaires, etc. Most don’t have the bandwidth to enforce all of NIST’s considerations and manual controls.

Whose Responsibility?

IT would love to manage building systems cybersecurity risk, but they have limited ability to support and manage them, because these devices are manufactured outside of traditional IT protocols. It’s then left to facilities or procurement, who don’t understand cybersecurity as well as IT.

Secure your building systems.

Take the first step toward securing your building systems and building systems vendors in your supply chain at no cost to you.

How it works:

We evaluate your building systems supply chain risk and contractually obligate your vendors to conform to cybersecurity measures.

Be a procurement hero for your organization and lead the charge toward making your building systems secure at no cost.

Our solution has been independently validated by 80+ CIOs from the world’s top organizations, like Harvard, Google, etc.