Case Study: Managed Detection Response for Toxicology Laboratory

Background on Client: Client is a world-class clinical and forensic toxicology laboratory with 400+ employees.  Located in PA, they have a team of Ph.D. scientists and toxicologists and highly-trained laboratory workers. Their network contains vast amounts of intellectual property and other sensitive data.


Being security-conscious, the client recognized that they did not quite have the internal staff or technologies to support the security posture they wanted to achieve. They had engaged a 3rd part Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) to support them, but quickly realized that the engaged company was providing mountains of Information without any true Intelligence for their security team. They needed an external SOC as-a-service to complete their Managed Detection Response needs.


Frontier Technologies decided to partner up with Arctic Wolf Technology, a leader in SOC as a service, to meet the needs of the client. Their solution provides 24/7 continuous monitoring coverage, log all data including incident data and is stored within the USA. The solution proposed was Managed Detection Response. MDR provides an MSSP model by providing a greater focus on threat detection and response. MDR provides:


  1. SIEM
  2. 24/7 monitoring of events, logs, suspicious activity, and alerts
  3. Continuous Network Monitoring
  4. Threat Detection and Forensics
  5. Vulnerability Assessments
  6. Remote Incident investigation along with remediation
  7. Regulatory Compliance Reporting
  8. An outsourced security team acting as an IT extension to the client


Client was extremely satisfied. They have a named security team, AI insights and technology to help them predict intrusions and prevent them from the future, a sophisticated and optimized data architecture, a list of security rules that has been created to help their specific needs, continuous cloud monitoring, and steady monthly pricing that exceeded their expectations.