Cloud     + IAAS   

Unlimited Flexibility

Scores of individual infrastructure options give you thousands of possible configurations

From storage, network and computing components to infrastructure management, Frontier Technologies can build the private, public or hybrid cloud environment that’s exactly right for you.

Networks That Power Productivity

By balancing traffic across servers, creating multi-point data storage, and enabling direct-link data transfers, we’ll keep your networks humming – with the firewalls and security groups to ensure end-to-end protection. We can support you with:

  • VPN tunnels
  • Load balancers
  • Content Delivery Network
  • DNS

Optimized Computing Performance

Retain the computing power you need – no more and no less – and spontaneously scale up or down as your needs change. We offer the dedicated muscle of bare metal servers, as well as sophisticated developer tools and automated testing and monitoring functions. Explore our myriad options, including:

  • Mass storage servers
  • SAP-certified infrastructure
  • Container registry
  • Kubernetes service
  • Cloud foundry
  • Apache OpenWhisk-based polyglot FaaS programming platform
  • Websphere Application Server

Infrastructure Systems That Manage Themselves

While the complexities of the cloud can seem overwhelming, the environment also offers its own solutions: automating tasks such as resource discovery and allocation, incident oversight, and performance optimization. Leverage technologies such as:

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Synthetic detection
  • Workload schedulers
  • Grafana monitoring and analytics