Making the Leap – With Confidence

Migrate your enterprise to the cloud with a tried and trusted partner

Frontier Technologies can be your copilot as you transition your enterprise to the cloud. Based on your unique operation, we will short-list the apps, options and opportunities that will speed – and secure – your move.

Integrate Before You Go

Create, manage and connect interfaces with security-first design and built-in governance. Regulate resource transit and facilitate secure and reliable data exchange. Separate data and app layers with an asynchronous messaging broker. Among the tools at your disposal:

  • API Connect
  • App Connect
  • Aspera on Cloud
  • RabbitMQ

Hit ‘Send’

Whether your preferred strategy is to lift your applications or to make them cloud-native, we can make it happen fast. We’ll move terabytes, petabytes – or what’s next – on secure, rugged 120 TB devices.