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Identify: Understanding Your Environment

We’ll help you to inventory and assess current assets and areas of risk

You need a complete picture of your IT environment in order to secure it. Frontier Technologies will identify and analyze the data, practices, technology, devices, training and other factors that comprise your unique risk profile.

Know Where Your Vulnerabilities Lie

Ever-changing regulations, third-party and internal guidelines, and new technologies and software create new risks every day. Frontier Technologies is constantly monitoring contemporary threats and technologies through AI and our own expertise. Let us apply our intel to evaluate your organizational threat-readiness.

Put Your Systems to the Test

Penetration testing is the best way to uncover your weaknesses and pinpoint the likeliest avenues of attack. Unlike many competitors that use off-the-shelf, automated tools that routinely miss threats, we devise our own, multi-point techniques that dig deeper. This is not the process on which you want to cut corners – and neither do we.

Don’t Underestimate the Human Threat

Bad actors dream up clever new schemes every day to exploit the soft targets in your organization. Our team of social engineers is your response. Our world-class white hats have successfully breached financial institutions, industrial systems and more in the service of ethical human hacking. When they send you their worst, we’ll send you our best.

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