Recover: Building a Resilient Enterprise

We’ll help you review what went wrong, rebuild your infrastructure and reduce the likelihood of a future incident

Recovery is often the most neglected step in the NIST security framework. But several features are critical to the long-term health of your organization – including conducting a post mortem to identify and learn from failures and adopt improved processes moving forward.

Digital Forensics

You need to get your business back to its normal activities – but you may also need to preserve and examine data and electronic documents in preparation for a legal inquiry or an internal audit. Our certified experts provide fast, reliable investigation, identification and collection of information and data. In addition to eDiscovery, our capabilities include expert witness testimony and litigation support.

Managed High-availability Backup

Turn to Frontier Technologies to align recovery solutions to your business objectives. We can optimize:

  • Data center
  • Data center
  • Redundant connectivity
  • Storage and servers
  • Virtual servers and storage
  • Power solutions
  • Failover

Risk and Downtime Mitigation

When incidents occur, Frontier Technologies can lower your costs and complexities through:

  • Hotsite recovery
  • Rapid recover replication
  • Email recovery
  • Virtual server recovery
  • Managed continuity/data center services
  • Cloud content management
  • Worksite recovery

Count on Frontier Technologies for your incident recovery. Let us assess the unique characteristics of your security event and design recovery methodologies customized to your business. We’re here to help you move forward now and in the future.

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