Five Reasons You Need a Cyber Security Response Plan

Five Reasons You Need a Cyber Security Response Plan

It happened, your company is breached; what do you do now? In the event of a security breach, your organization needs a well planned and detailed incident response plan to help the staff stop, contain and control the incident quickly. An incident response plan means that you have people with the right skillset and know what procedures to follow during and after a security breach. 

According to IBM, organizations that have a response plan in place spend roughly $1.2 million less on data breaches than companies that do not have a plan in place. 

The goal for the incident response plan is to: Restore operations, minimize losses, fix vulnerabilities and strengthen your security to avoid future breaches.

Why is it important?

Reduce downtime

A big advantage of a response plan is to significantly reduce the downtime for the organization. With a plan of action you will be able to get back to business faster and back to focusing on the bottom line.

Knowing what to do

Let’s face it, nothing good comes out of not having a plan in place should your company experience a security breach.  Having a robust plan with assigned responsibilities, post-attack instructions and guidelines will help you respond quicker and with confidence.

Customer trust

The nature of a security breach can vary in severity and you might need to communicate the incident with customers and other parties. An incident plan will prepare you to communicate promptly and effectively to your stakeholders and lower the risk of damaging business relations.

Improve your IT Security

By creating an incident response plan you might find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your current IT Security Strategy. Not only will you be ready with a plan if there is a breach but you might be able to improve your current IT security plan along with making the plan itself.


Compliance is vital for certain industries. Failing to abide by data security regulations can result in fines and lawsuits. An incident plan can help your organization follow the rules for your particular industry and make sure you stay in compliance.

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 We put automation, orchestration and always-updated regulatory compliance at your fingertips – keeping your focus not on the hows and whys, but on the response itself.

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