Multi-Vendor Services: Streamline and Save

One point of contact, one contract, and one way to increase productivity and efficiency, and save money and time.

It’s smart to use multiple IT vendors and technologies in your environment. We help our clients navigate those waters every day. But with complex IT environments, hundreds of boxes, machines, and vendors, comes the headache of managing all those contracts, digging through your cluttered email to guess which of the 15 service phone numbers is right when something goes wrong. And let’s not forget using Google as the first line of support for your open source software.

Business Challenges

  • Reactive and unpredictable maintenance and support processes
  • Gigantic inventory: hardware, software, network, and other appliances
  • Numerous brands: from new to hard-to-find legacy systems to open source support
  • Too many contracts: difficult to manage so many contracts from so many vendors
  • Multiple unknown support sources and expertise levels:
    • Who do we call first?
    • How do we fix this?
    • How long will it take?
    • How do we extend the life, upgrade, update, etc.?

Imagine this…

A single contract, a single support source for all of your hardware and software. Resolve 94% of your issues on the first call. Reduce call volumes by 64%. Get an analytics dashboard for a high-level overview for C-suite execs and stakeholders.

How do we do it?

  • Consolidate all brands support under one roof, one contract, one point of contact.
  • Shift support mindset to be more proactive and predictive.
  • Free up valuable technical resources to focus on higher-value projects.
  • Provide powerful analytics to empower C-suite executives and IT stakeholders.

Impact on your business

Save up to 20% on maintenance costs every year. Increase IT and operational efficiency with proactive and predictive maintenance and support management. Boost business growth and profitability.

Bonus: we’re a certified minority and woman-owned diverse business. If your organization has diverse spend goals, we can help you achieve these goals while improving your efficiency and saving you money.

Our process

1.  Analyze your inventory & technical environment.
2. Validate and/or adjust existing support processes & assumptions
3. Develop proof of concept/prototype to justify the investment

Maximize Your Network

Network integrity is one of the most critical components of your IT environment. We offer a complement of managed network services, software-defined networking, and network integration and connectivity consulting – without the hassle of forms to fill out or sales calls to take. Engage with us right now for a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation.