IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform

Intelligent Orchestration and Automation for a new generation of incident response.

Incident Response challenges:

  1. Skill shortage: 77% of organizations have difficulty hiring and retaining IT security professionals
  2. Growing volume and severity of attacks: 65% of organizations say severity is increasing
  3. Complex and evolving regulatory environments: GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and more
  4. Patchwork SOC environments: average SOC has 75 security tools (per Symantec)

Outsmart. Outpace. Outmaneuver complex cyber attacks.

IBM Resilient dramatically accelerates and sharpens response by combining case management orchestration, artificial and human intelligence and automation in a single, Gartner-leading platform.

  • Largest and most trusted IRP install base in the world: 300+ customers globally in 30+ countries.
  • Part of the largest enterprise security organization in the world.
  • Only incident response platform with built-in intelligent orchestration and full integrations with your SIEM, and other SOC/SOAR technologies.

A single hub for your SOC for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Guided response with combined human and machine intelligence, customizable dynamic playbooks, and analytics.
  • Improved visibility across your threat landscape.
  • Better compliance - aligns security and privacy professionals to avoid regulatory penalties for non-compliance.

The Gartner leading Incident Response platform.


Dynamic playbooks and guided response, instant cyber intelligence and threat intelligence feeds, analytics and reporting for C-suite visibility


Automated incident response plans combined with intelligent orchestration of people, processes and technology, simplified integrations and faster time to value


Global privacy breach regulation management including GDPR within incident response workflows

Integrations for easy implementation and setup in your existing environment.

  • Enterprise-grade, bi-directional integrations delivered via IBM Security App Exchange
  • Robust ecosystem of key technology partners like Carbon Black, Cisco, McAfee, Splunk, ArcSight, ServiceNow, and more.
  • New developer tools and documentation allows security teams to quickly and easily build and deploy custom integrations

98.8% reduction in response time (Case Study)

One Resilient customer measured their response times for a single incident based for each necessary action. They found that the total response time went from 85 minutes to just 1 minute after implementing Resilient.