Take the Power, Lose the Risk

Frontier Technologies invites you to explore the very latest technology at your own speed.

Frontier Technologies' Innovation Lab is your space to test drive some of the most powerful computing tools on the planet. Test, build, tweak and tailor apps and systems to see how they'll fit in your organization.

World's Best AI Platform

Our software iterates and builds itself, improving and rewriting its own algorithms over time. Experiment in your very own studio creating virtual assistants, integrating with IoT, discovering new connections in your data and more. Or use pre-trained AIs like text-to-speech, language translator, personality insights and visual recognition. You can even leverage our award-winning Watson capabilities.

Build Trust with Blockchain

Are you wondering whether blockchain makes sense for you? Schedule a consultation to see how shared, immutable ledgers integrate with your data and fortify your credibility. Click here

IoT: Complete Connectivity

Connect devices, sensors, gateways and networks. Manage, analyze, secure and integrate the data you collect.

Pioneers in Quantum Computing

Play with unthinkable power: Frontier and IBM are partnering to put quantum power into your hands. Download a free mobile app that lets you experiment with real quantum.

Or download an open source information science kit to start developing quantum programs yourself.