The Human Factor – The Importance of Educating your Staff on IT security

The Human Factor – The Importance of Educating your Staff on IT security

The Human Factor

Cybercrime is continually on the rise and companies do what they can to protect themselves from outside threats. The question is – are you doing enough?  Cybersecurity is, at its core, an IT security strategy that aims to prevent unauthorized access to organizations assets such as computers, data and networks. Hackers work around the clock to try to find weaknesses and openings to penetrate systems. Someone with malicious intent will always try to target your IT-systems weakest link. 

This begs to ask yourself what is one of the weakest links in an IT Security strategy? Your staff. 
Let’s take a look at a recent security breach that not only hurt the company but posed an imminent and potentially fatal threat to over 15,000 people.

What happened?

A hacker accessed a water plant controlling system in Oldsmar, FL using a remote access program shared by plant workers. The intruder increased the sodium hydroxide to around 100 times the normal levels, which can cause severe sickness or death to anyone that would drink the water.

How did this happen?

In this case, TeamViewer was used at the water treatment plant and all users shared the same password – completely ignoring best practices when it comes to IT Security. 

Don’t wait to be a victim. Allocate the time and resources needed to protect your company. 

You should continually educate your employees the same way you continually update your security systems. One introduction of security training is not enough.

IT security is a topic that needs to be consistently reinforced and discussed within the company to ensure these practices are incorporated into the DNA of all employees.  Whether your team is working on site or remotely, creating a mandatory program to educate your staff on basic IT security is essential to keep your company protected. 

A report by IBM and the Ponemon Institute showed that 90% of data breaches were due to human error. Don’t see your staff as your weakest link, train them to be the guardians of your IT systems. It’s a way to emphasize to them that you’re all on the same team. 

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